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Unit Insignia of the Buron Cavalry

The Buron Cavalry Edit

Background Edit

Founded on in early 2859 in the Lyran Commonwealth, the Buron Cavalry, named after the home town of its founder, Johan Staedele, soon turned from a single understrenght lance of outdated light Mechs into a small, but fine mercenary unit specialised on raids, recon, harrassment and delaying actions. Seeing action for all great houses, the 'Cav' became a truly mobile command over time, with no real home state. Notably, the Cav is a family venture and still property of the Staedele family.

In late 3018, the Cav, grown to an overstrenght combined arms battalion under Andreas Staedele, was hired by House Davion to perform a raid on the Draconis border world of Thestria. What was supposed to be a routine raid action turned into a disaster as the Cav was ambushed by a battalion of the 21st Galedon Regulars, deployed there shortly before for rest and refit. The majority of the Cavs military assets were lost alongside the Union dropship Alter Kamerad in a fight that saw stray shots hitting the open doors of the dropship Distant Home, killing several of the units dependents. This forced Major Staedele to rebuild his unit into a single lance with infantry support. To balance his accounts, he had to sell all save one of the surviving dropships owned by the unit. Still, the Cav as of 3020 was in a precarious position, just short of defaulting.

Assets Edit

The Mech Lance (callsign Iron) Edit

Warhammer-6K Altes Eisen
The "Old Iron" was the first heavy Mech to serve in the Cav and is since then the traditional ride of the units CO. Originally a -6R variant, the machineguns have been ripped out and replaced with additional armor and heatsinks a long time ago. The Mech is generally in very good shape, just small laser 2 happens to be extremely erratic. Emblem: black gothic knight silhouette with name below.

Flashman-7K Lightbulb
The Lightbulb is the youngest Mech in the Cav. Almost factory new and without a pilot in it, it was 'aquired' during a raid on a Steiner depot in early 3018. It is as new as they come and in best possible shape .Emblem: A lit flashbulb

Black Knight-7-KNT Hammer
The Hammer, aquired in 2943, is pretty well maintained, but faulty wiring tends to plague its PPC from time to time, declining its accuracy at random intervals, a problem none of the Cavs techs have ever found a way around. Emblem: A cartoon mallet

Marauder-3D Murphy
The perhaps most infamous Mech in the Cav, Murphy is known for having bad overall luck, being the record holder for dead pilots, technical breakdowns and any other imaginable malaise. A special note is deserved by its Large Laser. A kit-bash replacement of the AC/5 originally mounted on the Mech, the LL, dubbed No. 3, has often times severe problems with accurracy and/or reliability. Emblem: Aces and Eights

Johnsons Company (callsign Copper) Edit

Lead by Lieutenant Marc Johnson, this overstrenght company of motorized combat engineers with its current strenght of 132 men is all that is left of the Cavs infantry. The typical armament consists of 5 TK Assault Rifles (one with underslung GL) and 2 GPMG per squad. The first squad of every platoon employs only one machine gun, but also two designated marksmen. (Fully trained snipers in case of first platoon.) Additionally, all troopers save for the machinegunners and snipers are equipped with LAWs and satchel charges. Additional equipment includes ballistic vests and helmets, helmet mounted comms, grenades, spare ammo, sidearms and mission-specific equipment. The company drives nondescript jeeps similar to modern SOV's. These are also carrying all their unused equipment.

Their BDUs are in an urban camo scheme and have the Cavs emblem and wearers rank on the left as well as platoon/squad markings on the right shoulder.

The Distant Home Edit

The Home is the Union dropship owned and run by the Cav. Aquired in 2931, it is in good shape save for a few small malfunctions from time to time. It currently serves as the transport for all the units personnel, including dependents, earning it the "nickname" Full House. To open up the place for all these people, its AC/5s and half the medium lasers were taken out, the ammo storage was reduced and the storage capacity broken into.

Notable persons: Edit

Major Andreas Staedele (born 2988)
The current CO of the Buron Cav and pilot of Altes Eisen. Staedele is normally a very reserved and cool man, only opening up to the persons closest to him, but has a habit of falling into an almost apocalyptic fit of rage in extreme situations. This, however, does not tend to cloud his judgement. Staedele, father of a daughter, Esther Staedele, sees the Buron Cav as his own family and will do almost anything to keep the unit afloat and safe. His only reservation in that regard is his unwillingness to ever break the Ares Conventions rules regarding the treatment of civilians. As such, he has a boiling hatred for pirates in general, but knows that in his business, personal emotions come second.

Lieutenant Celic Nedeljko (2990)

Nedeljco, the second in command of the Cav and pilot of Flashbulb is a rather attractive and outgoing man and known jester. Born on Beecher in the Federated Suns, he joined the Cav soon after his 20th birthday, where he quickly rose from recruit to lance commander. On the battlefield, he is known for being a competent, but sometimes overly cautious officer.

MW Christine "Chris" Miller (2997)
Ms Miller, the pilot of Hammer, is the youngest MechWarrior in the Cav. Joining the unit in 3019, the born Valashan quickly turned out to be a natural talent, though still inexperienced, overly aggressive and not paying enough caution to her Mechs heat buildup, much to the annoyance of the Cav's techs. Privately, she is outgoing and active almost to the point of hyperactivity and tends to absorb any kind of information like a sponge.

MW Tom Lemell (2989)

Tom Lemell, the pilot of Murphy, was the Cavs best shot even before the Thestria massacre. An introvertet and often times sarcastic or even bitter veteran, the man from Sophie´s World tends to shun company when outside the cockpit. Lately, he started drinking, though this did not impact on his skills till yet.

Lieutenant Marc Johnson (2986)

Johnson is the commanding officer of the remaining infantry of the Cav and 3rd in the units overall chain of command. Sometimes harsh and feared for his sharp wit, the born New Aragonese still tends to be rather well liked by his men as he tends to know where he can let things slip and where not.

Marie Staedele (2984)
Marie, the wife of Major Staedele, serves as the head of the Cavs tech compliment and assists in the bookkeeping. She, Hanna and the rest of the Homes bridge crew also serve as tactical operations central during combat.

Hanna Staedele (2958)

A true oldtimer, Major Staedele´s aunt is still in active service as the captain of the Distant Home. Additionally, "Auntie Hanna" tends to be the main person responsible for the bookkeeping and administration chores needed to keep the Buron cav running in working order. She is also famous inside the unit for her good cooking.

Esther Staedele (3011)
Andreas´ and Marie´s daughter. Esther tends to be a veritable whirlwind, which time and again served to keep her banned from the technical bays of the Distant Home.

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