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Code: CSN Protomechs

Chassis Design:

Tech Base -
CSN Protomechs use Inner Sphere technology and CSN/GDI technology only.

Choose Tonnage -
CSN Protomechs weigh between 2 and 9 tons, in increments of 1 ton (1,000 kg).

Allocate Tonnage for Internal Structure -
This takes up 10% of its total weight. CSN Protomechs can utilize an Endo-Steel 
internal skeleton, which weighs only 5% of its total weigh, but loses all 
equipment slots in its torso and cannot mount jump-jets.

Add Cockpit -
CSN Protomech cockpits weigh 400kg (including the weight of the pilot) and the 
pilot must be wearing a CSN/GDI Plugsuit. Due to the advanced Neurohelmet, 
digital gyroscopic control, and small size, it does not require a gyroscope.

Add Other Equipment:

Determine Engine Rating -
First decide if the CSN Protomech is carrying a Fuel Cell engine or a Fusion 
Reactor. Multiple its Running MP by the tonnage of the Protomech. If the rating 
is smaller then 40, find the weight of the engine by multiplying the rating by 
25kg. No XL engines are possible due to the tight internal space of the CSN 
Protomech. Each CSN Protomech comes with two miniaturized single heat sinks 
that take up no additional tonnage. Fuel Cell engines are good for 650 turns 
before requiring refueling, and cannot mount energy weapons. Fusion reactors 
have no such maximum turn limitations, and can mount energy weapons.

Determine Jump Capability -
2-5 tons, each Jump Jet weighs 50kg per Jump MP. 6-9 tons, 100kg per Jump MP. 
Maximum Jump MP is equal to the unit's Walking MP plus one.

Add Armor -
Use standard Clan Protomech Armor Table for max armor per location, per tonnage 
of unit. Ferro-Fibrous is not allowed due to the tight internal spaces and its 
bulkier size.

Add Weapons , Ammunition, Heat Sinks and Other equipment -
CSN Protomechs have access to all equipment available to Inner Sphere or 
CSN/GDI Battlemechs with the exception of Ferro-Fibrous, MASC, and Triple 
Strength Myomer.

Location Restrictions -
Arms: can mount one weapon system weighing no more then 500 kg.
Torso: can mount up to two weapons or pieces of equipment, where the total 
weight is no more then 2,000kg. Weapons cannot be mounted to the rear in the 
Main Gun: CSN Protomechs do not carry a Main Gun as in Clan Protomechs.

Heat Sinks -
All energy and Gauss/Railgun type weapons that generate heat must have heat 
sinks assigned to them during construction. As on conventional vehicles, 
ballistic (with the above exceptions) and missile weapons do not require heat 
sinks when mounted on CSN Protomechs. Each of these heat sinks weighs 250 kg, 
and there must be an amount of heat sinks equal to the total amount of heat 
produced by all energy and Gauss/Railgun weapons mounted. Remember that CSN 
Protomechs come with two free heat sinks as part of their engine. CSN 
Protomechs are too small to utilize Double Heat Sinks.

Missile Launchers -
Same rules as Clan Protomechs with the following exceptions. Universal Missile 
Hardpoints (UMH) can only be mounted on either arm, with a maximum size of 
UMH-3 per Protomech.
MRM: Each MRM tube weighs 100kg. MRM ammunition weighs 20kg per each MRM.
MML: CSN Protomechs cannot mount MMLs.
UMH: Each UMH weighs 25 kg. A single Maverick V (mounts on UMH) weighs 225kg. 
A single Hellfire III (mounts on UMH) weighs 75kg. A single SL-AMRAAM IIB (mounts 
on UMH) weighs 125kg.

Maverick V:
20 dmg, range 0/20/30/40, +5 to-hit.

Hellfire III:
8 dmg, range 0/10/20/30, +5 to-hit.

12 dmg, range 0/50/75/100, +5 to-hit.

Ammunition -
Same rules as Clan Protomechs.

Export Models-
CSN Export models cannot mount UMHs due to lacking the proper hardware mounts 
and software link-ups.


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