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Egaroadkill based these Btech infantry sheets on US Army platoon TOE’s with applied technologies he believe would be available to GDI forces for service by 3025. The top unit is a basic INF squad made up of two fire teams. It’s about the smallest unit I would deploy considering what will commonly be faced out there in the Inner Sphere. Each fire team is made up of.

1. Two OICW Riflemen/Grenadiers with a generic disposable Heavy LAW (SRM). 2. One portable machine gun SAW gunner. 3. One OICW Scout also equipped with probe or ECM. 4. One Squad leader with OICW and C3 master systems.

The second, I call a half platoon as it fits current US TOE and Battletech infantry deployment limits. Built up from two squads the half platoon adds… 1. Medic 2. Platoon Sergeant with OICW and C3 master systems.

This last unit is the reinforced infantry half platoon which has an additional heavy weapons squad assigned to it which brings to the force… 1. Two Generic Antitank Guided Missile (ATGM) launchers with four reloads each.

As for the technology involved, I’ve extrapolated developments considering programs that were around back in 2005 advanced a few years using wide open war economy funding and resources. Following are the various components of technology. Armor I’ve given each member body armor with “basic stealth” (as per the battle armor technology) featuring slightly less capability than what DEST has available due to GDI access to a mature stealth technology production experiences in aerospace and other industries but not active camouflage yet. Note: this is more a measure to increase a soldier’s survivability in a mech heavy environment as the stealth only applies to vehicle and mech attacks and not infantry engagements. A +1/+2 to hit really helps.

Each suit provides level 2 protection for its wearer. In case you’re unfamiliar with this terminology, L2 body armor means that whenever infantry is hit, you divide the damage by two. You can consider level 2E (encumbering) or even nerf them more with level 1 but I believe L2 plus basic stealth is appropriate with 2007 materials science.

Each suit provides NBC protection but is not a vac suit. The suit would also come with a helmet even more bad ass than the DEST sneak suit helmet due to sensory fusion technologies that I personally worked on around 2005. Combine this with bleeding edge multimode level 4 combined sensors and these troops own the night. Weapons OICW: I’m not advocating the OICW, only using it as a generic assault rifle/grenade launcher combination for reference purposes. The range and damage stats I’ve listed are equal to the non inferno grenade armed Federated Barret M42B. In GDI’s case, I can see a 5.56 replacement by something a bit nastier considering what they’ll be up against eventually. I’d suggest making the gun base range 2 but that’s your call. Personally I prefer the P90 style, above barrel high capacity magazine, using telescopic heavy rod darts or smart metals ammo with an under slung detachable 25 or 30mm semi auto/pump grenade launcher. It would be nice to have all the OICW electronic gizmo’s but after what I read concerning its development, I’m not sure if it can be practically ready by 3025.

The OICW plus its squad support version would qualify as a Burst fire weapon netting a 2D6 damage attack on exposed infantry.

H-LAW: This represents a generic, multi use, dial a yield, contained back blast, disposable rocket on steroids. I pretty much consider it an SRM1. I’ve considered making it a guided weapon giving a -2 to hit as those babies are about to hit the stores now having low collateral damage anti personnel options as well. They’ve also dramatically increased ranges for these nasties. Hummm, maybe make them MRM’s?

I figure H-LAW’s would be assigned about four per squad or eight for half platoon and twelve for the reinforced.

ATGM: This is yet another placeholder representing some generic man portable anti armor missile. This would be any one of a dozen tandem warhead, guided missiles available today, such as the Javelin, Spike, Hot, etc. As for translation into Battletech I’d make them fire and forget, homing weapons that one doesn’t fire until he gets a lock like streak missiles (I figure a base 7 to hit with movement and terrain penalties), a two map board range, and damage like an armor piercing AC10 round. C3I Network Now I’ve had personal experience working on what is basically a C3I network already in the works. I could go on espousing the benefits of this amazing technology but… Anyway, I see every soldier and linked vehicle so equipped gaining the benefits listed in Battletech but also including a -1 targeting modifier for situational awareness and whatever initiative bonuses available through the command network and reconnaissance assets. What with the artillery we’ve got, any single soldier or vehical with this gear would be a terrible threat the enemy cannot ignore. Specialty Units Active Probe: With each squad would be a scout equipped with special active and passive sensors. His kit would include many tiny disposable MAV (Micro air vehicles) that would extend the squads perception out to a 90 meter radius as in the Clan battle armor probe.

ECM/ECCM/Elint: Each squad would also have a soldier equipped with significant ECM gear equal to battle armor ECM that covers only its unit. Multiple ECM units allow for simultaneous ECM, ECCM and Elint usage.

Medic: I’m not sure how battletech would translate here but I expect that in any given round the medic could revive soldiers (eliminate damage) .

Command: Squad leaders, Platoon Sergeants and the Platoon leaders will all give moral and reorganization bonuses and via the C3 network possible an initiative boost too.

Anyway, I hope you all find this an acceptable approximation of normal GDI infantry beginning to become available in 3025. I’ll follow up with some prototype battle armor organizations later.


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