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Overview Edit

A Memory Core, or Field Library, is a high density database placed in their colonies by the Star League and Terran Hegemony, to help said colonies rebuild, in case of the collapse of civilization.  The database is intended to be 'idiot simple' to operate, and designed to bring the colony from a truly primitive state, back up to the level of technology that was current, the last time the Core was updated.

Field Library Edit

A Field Library is the typical type of memory core shown as the most desirable to locate. It serves as a repository of all knowledge accumulated over a broad range of subjects. These cores were typically used to start new colonies, or in plans that would activate upon the fall of civilization as it was known at the height of the Hegemony/Star League. These units were typically massively redundant, although the entire data total could be downloaded onto a palm sized high density device- likely totalling in a few Terabytes of data.

Operations Core Edit

An Operations Core is a lesser known type of memory core- one that serves as the central data repository for a military mainframe- usually aboard significant outposts or bases. These memory units contain primarily military operations data- records of the day to day operations of the outpost in question, and typically include a record of HPG messages passed through the system. Operations Cores are usually much smaller than Field Libraries because of this focus.

Adaptive Core Edit

Adaptive Cores are a recent discovery- made by GDI from reading between the lines of obscure source material. In simple terms, an Adaptive Core is the memory unit for an advanced artificial intelligence unit, such as those employed by the Star League's System Defense Ships, Automated Shipyards, and Capsar Drones employed in other duties. The Interior AI that runs Columbus' Lunar facilities is one such example of an Adaptive Core.

Data Cube Edit

A Data Cube is among the smallest of memory cores, and the most portable. It is one of the few remnants of Star League era technology still available to the Inner Sphere. Serving as a portable stack of optical memory units, a Data Cube provides portable, secure, high density data transport. Approximately the size of a Rubix Cube, the Data Cube is one of the most ubiquitous forms of data storage in the Inner Sphere.

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