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-- Current Planets

  • New Planets (not on 2750 map)

Ramora Province


System Name: Ramora Coordinates: 495.44, 100.02 Star Type: G3 Position in System: 3 Time to Jump Point: 9.00 days Recharging Station: Nadir ComStar Facility Class: C Population: 70,000 Percentage and Level of Native Life: 45% Mammal Description: Situated several light years beyond the junction of Davion and Kurita space, the warm, semi-tropical world of Ramora is the center of the largest weapons-producing facility in Outworlds space outside the capital. Ramora also hosts one of the newest joint Draconian-Outworlds aerospace fighter production centers, which is located along the equatorial rim of the planet and operates through one of United Outworlds Corporation's major arms production factories. The joint center is capable of producing an estimated 100 Lightning aerospace fighters annually, as well as the engineering of spare parts and machinery vital to any long-term Alliance defense plan.

Ramora is also noteworthy from a cultural standpoint, for it is the nexus of the Taoist religion in Alliance space. Given its military and cultural importance, as well as its relative proximity to potential enemy attacks from "over the border", Ramora maintains a permanent garrison of a battalion of Alliance Borderers, based at Danforth. At present an estimated 13000 technicians and specialists work on this key world.


There are no functional factories located on this planet.

Tellman IV--

System Name: Tellman IV Coordinates: 541.94, 99.10 Position in System: 4 Time to Jump Point: 0.00 days Description: [2583] Embarrassed and irritated that the Outworlders were ruining his reputation, General Forlough started to implement his scorched-earth policy that would later so devastate the Taurian Concordat. One planet after another went up in smoke at the hands of his Regulars, and the scenes enacted on Cerberus were repeated on a dozen Alliance worlds in the spring and summer of 2583. On every occasion, the Alliance army arrived on the scene only after the destruction had been carried out. Forlough never stayed long enough to present an inviting target to his enemies. In the autumn of 2583, the Outworlders staged their showdown with Forlough's "Baby Killers." Acting on intelligence provided by a Star League deserter, the Alliance army, backed by Pitcairn's entire legion, slipped ahead of Forlough's advance scouts and deployed in ambush on the arctic mining world of Tellman IV. Waiting until the Second and Third Divisions of Forlough's 5th Corps had disembarked and were constructing permanent quarters, the infantry and 'Mechs of the Outworlds army attacked in full force, with cries of "Cerberus Lives" on the lips of every warrior.

With single-minded fury, the attackers drove in on the 5th Corps headquarters, destroying vital command and communications links in the opening moments of the attack. Though Forlough escaped in the melee, he had lost control of the battle, which turned into a massive free-for-all. Supporting fire from DropShips only added to the confusion, as opportunity fire hit friendly positions as often as not. The battle continued until nightfall, when the Alliance forces took advantage of the opportunity to withdraw. Over two hundred Star League 'Mechs were lost in the single Day of Vengeance, and Alliance losses were about half that number.





There are no functional factories located on this planet


System Name: Sevon Coordinates: 469.70, 134.05 Star Type: M2IV Position in System: 5 Time to Jump Point: 2.83 days Recharging Station: Zenith ComStar Facility Class: B Population: 1,244,000 Percentage and Level of Native Life: 30% Fish Description: A temperate and largely unsettled world, Sevon was a principle target during the Reunification War, when most of its agrarian population was killed outright. Presently, some one and a quarter million inhabitants occupy the planet, most gathered along the planet's equatorial zone. The planet's southern continent boasts House Avellar's private estate of several hundred square kilometers. Generally, Sevonities are hard-working but suspicious of any offworlder, whether he is a citizen of the Alliance or not. The principle city of Sevon is Shandahar, located on an island chain near the planet's equator. [3025] Alliance Industries Diversified is the sole industrial survivor of the Reunification War. Originally founded as a mining concern, AID expanded into new market areas in the late 2600's. Renegade and pirate legions have destroyed many of AID's factory and production centers since the start of the Succession Wars. Despite many government subsidies, the company continues to operate with meager profit margins. Indeed, in the last decade, AID has been in the red six years out of ten.

The Avellar government is currently considering whether to permit ComStar to but out AID to rebuild the staggering firm. Though the proposal has met with opposition in many circles, the prospect of widespread unemployment if AID should close its doors for good may leave the Alliance government no alternative.


There are no functional factories located on this planet.

Kinkaid II--

There are no functional factories located on this planet.

Ki Zoban


There are no functional factories located on this planet.


System Name: Lushann Coordinates: 453.35, 142.11 Star Type: M3 Position in System: 8 Time to Jump Point: 2.69 days Recharging Station: Nadir ComStar Facility Class: C Population: 28,000 Percentage and Level of Native Life: 35% Mammal Description: A semi-arctic world, Lushann is the main source of petrochemical production and refinement in the Alliance. Because of the planet's lengthy orbit and the weakness of its parent sun, much of Lushann's northern hemisphere is covered in permafrost. Lushann is nevertheless home to over 6000 technicians and scientists as well as being the garrison world of the First Air Wing of the Forth Alliance Air Regiment. The majority of Lushann's inhabitants work for Lushann Industries, a diversified conglomerate with marginal ties to the Federated Suns. They are usually employed in underground work centers or in one of dozens of domed city enclosures that dot the planet's surface. As a diversion from the normal bleakness of life on Lushann, annual MechWarrior games are held each summer in the northern capital of Grimandi. This activity is a rare exception to the general Alliance rule of strictly limiting non-Alliance military and paramilitary experts in Outworlds space


There are no functional factories located on this planet.

Calish II--

There are no functional factories located on this planet.

Calish III--

There are no functional factories located on this planet.


There are no functional factories located on this planet.

Quiberas-- There are no functional factories located on this planet.


There are no functional factories located on this planet.

  • Dormandaine--

System Name: Dormandaine Coordinates: 466.16, 101.67 Star Type: F4 Position in System: 5 Time to Jump Point: 16.00 days Recharging Station: Nadir Population: 10,000 Percentage and Level of Native Life: 40% Mammal Description: In contrast to the bleakness of the desert worlds of the Islamic cultures within the Alliance, Dormandaine is a rich agricultural planet that was first settled in 2990 by the sect known as the Gregorian Creed. The Gregorians currently number just over 10000 inhabitants, many of whom have managed to acquire considerable wealth by building large cattle and other meat-producing herds. The Greorians live in large extended families, which reflects the basic Gregorian belief that multiple marriages are necessary to repopulate the many shattered and war-weary worlds of the Alliance. Most Gregorians are married to several different spouses, with internal family councils playing the role of political legislatures and councils.

  • Dante--

System Name: Dante Coordinates: 431.41, 176.69 Star Type: K4 Position in System: 2 Time to Jump Point: 4.00 days Recharging Station: Nadir ComStar Facility Class: None Population: 5,000 Percentage and Level of Native Life: 25% Aquatic Description: Dante is an agricultural world whose mild climate is ideally suited to the cultivation of grains and other seasonal crops. It was first settled after the First Succession War by waves of Kurita immigrants seeking to begin their lives anew, but has been an unofficially demilitarized planet since the 2800's. The planet currently depends on its stance of global non-violence as protection from raids from other systems. From it simple origins, Dante has evolved into the major cultural center of the Omniss cult, a group based on the rejection of all non-essential technologies in favor of an agrarian social code. Thus have planetary assemblies banned permanent garrisons on Dante for the last 150 years. At present, over 5000 civilians, mostly farm laborers and cottage-industry craftsmen, inhabit Dante. The local government maintains a strict ban against the importation of all technology not directly related to the medical or life sciences. Because of this technology ban, ComStar is not permitted to maintain communication facilities in the Dante system.

Aplheratz Province


System Name: Alpheratz Coordinates: 507.52, 154.39 Star Type: K5V Position in System: 4 Time to Jump Point: 4.10 days Recharging Station: Nadir ComStar Facility Class: B Population: 2,159,000 Percentage and Level of Native Life: 30% Mammal Description: The capital of the Outworlds Alliance, Alpheratz is a temperate world that houses the Alliance Executive Parliament and most of the Alliance's remaining heavy industries. It has a population of about 2 million, most of whom are employed in industrial plants and research facilities. Though Alpheratz has never been occupied by foreign troops, it suffered heavy orbital bombardment during the Reunification War and marauding pirates since the start of the Succession Wars. Alpheratz is one of the few worlds in the Alliance where barter is not the economic staple: daily trade activities are conducted with ComStar C-Bills. There are three principle cities on Alpheratz: Famindas and Algomarle, on its northern continent, and Carolinas in the southern, each with a population of more than 100,000. The remainder of the population is dispersed among small farming communities throughout the planet's northern outback.


System Name: Mitchella Coordinates: 485.01, 143.02 Time to Jump Point: 9.00 days

Factory: United Outworlders Corporation Planet: Mitchella (485.01, 143.02)

Product/Component Name: Product/Component Type: Hunter Light Support Tank (3025) Vehicle (Tracked Vehicle) Vedette Medium Tank (3025) Vehicle (Tracked Vehicle) Light SRM Carrier Vehicle (Wheeled Vehicle) Doombud Component - Armament (Long-Range Missiles 20-Pack) Bical Component - Armament (Short-Range Missiles 2-Pack) Bical ? Component - Armament (Short-Range Missiles 6-Pack)

Quatre Belle--

There are no functional factories located on this planet.

Jordan Wais--

There are no functional factories located on this planet.






There are no functional factories located on this planet.


System Name: Praxton Coordinates: 551.99, 132.96 Time to Jump Point: 3.00 days Description: Praxton is the only industrialized planet in the Outworlds not located near the center of Alliance space. The value of the fusion engines built here and the short transit time from the system's jump points, make Praxton a prime target for Periphery raiders. The standing orders of the units stationed here forbid the troops to go to the aid of nearby worlds under attack. Pirates in the area try to decoy the defenders of the Praxton factories away with diversionary raids on neighboring worlds, but the power plants produced by Praxton Fusion are simply too valuable to endanger. This policy has not endeared the president to the people of the Alliance.

Factory: Praxton Fusion Products Limited Planet: Praxton (551.99, 132.96)

Product/Component Name: Product/Component Type: Nissan 120 Power Plant (Fusion Engine) Nissan 160 Power Plant (Fusion Engine) Nissan 175 Power Plant (Fusion Engine) Nissan 180 Power Plant (Fusion Engine) Nissan 200 Power Plant (Fusion Engine) Nissan 220 Power Plant (Fusion Engine) GM 210 XL Power Plant (Extra-Light Fusion Engine) Nissan 180 XL Power Plant (Extra-Light Fusion Engine)


There are no functional factories located on this planet.

Baliggora Province


The ComStar facilities on Baliggora primarily serve the Explorer Corps. The headquarters of the Spinward Operations Area, the Corps missions launched from Baliggora are concentrated in the Outer Sphere and Hyades Rim. There are no functional factories located on this planet.





There are no functional factories located on this planet.


There are no functional factories located on this planet.


There are no functional factories located on this planet.





There are no functional factories located on this planet

Cerberus Province


System Name: Cerberus Coordinates: 480.13, 192.21 Time to Jump Point: 0.00 days Description: [2583] The Star League's 2nd Corps, under the command of General Forlough, landed on Cerberus in early 2583. A desert world, Cerberus was one of the few Outworlds Alliance worlds that had any industrial base at all, and was also a provincial capital. With the planet's 'Mech garrison unable to re-deploy in time, the local militia was scattered in short order. There followed several months of angry reprisals in which Forlough's warriors put entire towns to the torch. [2585] After the disastrous events on Tellman IV in the autumn of 2583, and the replacement of General Forlough in summer 2584, the war in the Alliance gradually wound down. Unable to obtain reinforcements for a major push on Alpheratz and all too conscious of the fact that another Tellman IV would spell the end of his military career, Major-General Franklin Barnex (Forlough's replacement), remained content to hang onto the worlds won by his predecessor. The Alliance campaign began to stagnate, punctuated only by occasional clashes with Kuritan BattleMechs.

In 2585, a Star League peace commission succeeded in negotiating the Peace of Cerberus, ending this part of the Reunification War. The Alliance was granted local autonomy under the direction of a council of Terran Policy Directors. The Alliance had originally offered to sue for peace in return for the concession that General "Baby Killer" Forlough be tried on Alpheratz for war crimes, but the Star League refused.


System Name: Quantraine Coordinates: 459.40, 207.06 Star Type: G4 Position in System: 4 Time to Jump Point: 8.00 days Recharging Station: Zenith Population: 4,500 Percentage and Level of Native Life: 30% Avian Description: First settled in the early days of the Third Succession War, the original mining colony of Quantraine was wiped out in a deep-space raid by ex-Kurita mercenaries in 3014. Settled again in 3016 by religious fundamentalists, the planet has since become the cultural home of the Islamic religion in Alliance Space. Supporting itself through the successful mining and exportation of rare and precious gemstones, the second Quantraine colony has managed not only to survive its initial years of hardship but to prosper. It would most certainly have become a major cultural center except for the outbreak of a rare contagious blood disease accidentally brought in by offworld traders. The plague carried off more than 60% of the population in 3020. The few who have remained have since banned all contact with non-Alliance commerce while inaugurating an Alliance-wide appeal to all Islamic peoples to come to the aid of their brethren. In the last five years, the population of Quantraine has recovered marginally, growing from a bare 400 survivors to over 4500. The current inhabitants remain among the most xenophobic of any of the Alliance's many diverse peoples.

Milligan's World--

There are no functional factories located on this planet.


There are no functional factories located on this planet.


Prinis Prime--

There are no functional factories located on this planet.


There are no functional factories located on this planet.



Devil's Breath

Joan's Post










System Name: Risin Coordinates: 487.59, 227.93 Time to Jump Point: 0.00 days Description: [3066] One of the newest units in the Outworlds Alliance, the First Long Road Legion nearly came to its end in 3066. Permanently dogged with poor morale � partly due to its mercenary origins, and partly due to the fact it is a BattleMech unit � the unit almost broke whilst garrisoning Risin. After raiders drove off the unit, Chairman Roper rallied his armored battalion and pushed the attackers back. The action was recorded by the Alliance media and has greatly improved the unit's image, which has helped to improve its morale.


There are no functional factories located on this planet.

Onverwacht Province

















Braben's Frontier



Traders Domain

Wynn's Roost








False Dawn




Las Tunas
















Bloomestein Province












La Ligua






Waini Point







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