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Lostech Search and Recovery Operation: Phantom Snowflake Edit

Operation Phantom Snowflake was initially conceived after the first pirate raid, when then US military command established a list of BT canocal sites possessing significant amounts of 'lost technology' that would be suitable for salvage and recovery operations. Originally established as a hypothetical, should Earth prove able to successfully duplicate BT technology, such as the KF drive and the miraculous BT Fusion reactor, the plan was thrust into the forefront of the military consciousness by the second pirate raid. Recognizing the very real threat to both Earth and her people, US military command worked together with the fledgling Global Defence Initiative and launched this initial mission- originally intended to be one of three.

Goals Edit

Phantom Snowflake was intended as a long distance mission to the former Star League Defense Force military hub known as 'Columbus', with the intent to scout out the possibility of establishing an off-world outpost there, as well as to recover any and all lost technology- technology still decades or even centuries beyond Earth's current capabilities.

As a secondary objective, the Operation was both equipped and sanctioned to partake in the potential boarding and theft of the Comstar Explorer Corps vessel, the Von Braun.

Initial Results Edit

Final Results Edit

The Return Home Edit

Recovered Technology and Resources Index Edit

Note: While this list is current, it is not complete- as Kerrus has yet to figure out what to fit in the remaining tonnage of space.

1x cubic ton: SDFL Era Bootleg Porn (1 ton)

1x cubic ton: SLDF Era video/audio media (1 ton)

4x Saber ASF Squadron (400 tons)

1x Fleet Yard Database Core (Construction/Maintenance) (less then 1 ton)

1x HPG A Ground Mobile Class (60 tons)

1x HPG A Class Installation Unit (500 tons)

120x Cryostasis Pods (144 Tons)

2x K1 Dropshuttles (400 tons)

5x S-7A Bus shuttles (500 tons)

50x 2ton Fusion plant (100 tons)

4000x MediPacks (1.6 tons)

6x Burke Tanks (900 tons)

2x MASH trucks (40 tons)

4x Croyle Cortex, Series N (255 tons)

1x Mobile Tunnel Miner (200 tons)

2x Squadrons Swift Fighters (300 tons)

1x Gotha Squadron (300 Tons)

1x Rapier Squadron (510 Tons)

1x SR-71 ASF (75 tons)

1x SR-71 Prototype, partially disassembled (50 tons)

4x Small Factory 10000 tons 4 ( 2500 tons)

2x Large Factory 34000 tons 2 (17000 tons)

4x Small unpressurized Yard 12000 tons 4 ( 3000 tons)

2x Large unpressurized Yard 60000 tons 2 (30000 tons)

20x Knighthawk 'Ghost' Class (PA[L]) Armour (6 tons)

100x Nighthawk Class (PA[L] Armour (25 tons)

12x 5'x5' Battleship Grade Armour (480 Tons) 6x 'Manatee class' KF boom rods (2,400 Tons)

4x Tons miscellaneous 'office' equipment (4 Tons)

1x Cloned Sabertooth Tiger, in Cryofreeze (1.3 Tons)

2x Nissan 'Bowl' Ferrocrete Layer Truck (2 Tons)

35x Tons premixed Ferrocrete 'Just add Water' (35 Tons)

300x Three Ton Fusion Reactor (900 Tons)

14x Large Laser (70 Tons)

8x Ten Ton Fusion Cell [Battery] (80 Tons)

Miscellanious stuff: 1000 tons

Food and Supplies: 2000 tons

Science/engineering prototypes, test equipment, and experiments (4000 tons)

Knight Medical Augmentation Equipment (500 tons)

Current Total: 72812.3 tons, not including the dropships

Available Dropships: 12 Manatee, 5 Whales (early model Mammoths), and the 2 Mules they came with.

Available Drop Collars: 8

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