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– October, 4th 1957

 Earth Orbit, 400 km above Earth

Sputnik 1 followed along on its orbit, never even slightly noticing the slight changes around it as it speed over America. Far away from it stars changed alignments in such a way that while they appeared to be the same as always they weren't.

 - Monday May, 16th 2005 11.20PM UTC-4

 Paranal Observatory, Chile

  Martin Winters spots warm blob that shouldn't be there.In the general direction of the Moon.

– Monday May,16th 2005, 9.21PM UTC-6

Norad Space Command, USA

EM Pulse killed off two Keyhole satellites from the general direction of the Moon.

Pirate Dropship Drakon
Pirate point between Planet III and IIIa
System S3-1957041016 May 3020

Captain Burgess Hale started picking up radio transmissions from this system. He was in the middle of the Grantville Cluster,
a cluster of stars over fifty lightyears across just off the Outworlds Alliance that everyone knew was devoid of any inhabitable worlds. On a lark, he had decided to investigate, hoping for maybe some lost Star League cache.

– Monday May, 16th 2005 11.30PM UTC-4

Paranal Observatory, Chile

Martin Winters and Tobias Wamsler realized they were seeing an  Invader class jumpship and union dropship.

Washington DC
United States of America
Earth16 May 2005, 11:45pm EST

 President Jack Ryan informed of events.Goes to DEFCON 2.

– Monday May,17th 2005, 3.01PM UTC-6

Norad Space Command, USA

General David Mathews watches as the dropship breaks orbit, heading towards the pacific.

Pirate Dropship Drakon - Briefing Room
One hour to Entry
System S3-1957041016 May 3020

 Captain Hale and captain of the Drakon, Reynold Mamoto look for targets.

Pirate Dropship Drakon - Bridge
Low Orbit of planet III
System S3-1957041017 May 3020

 Drakon dodges space junk and picks a target.

NORAD Space Command
United States of America
Earth17 May 2005

 Lieutenant Thomas Warner as he stared at the first high resolution photographs of the alien intruder from the spy satellites in orbit.

U.S.S. Nimitz
Pacific Theater
Earth17 May 2005

 Were ordered to prepare for a ground strike with heavy air cover in New Zealand,from PACCOM.

Cornwall Park
Aukland, New Zealand
Dropship Drakon17 May 3020

 Drakon touches down in Cornwall Park.They unload and move to loot the port terminal and anything else that they see along the way.
Australian SAS, with a mixed regular unit move to stop them.

May 17 2005Auckland New Zealand

 First battle between battlemech and Cearth infantry. Pirate infantry finds tuogh going against hid and fade and sniper attacks.New Zealand SAS force (with adviser) learn anti mech tactics, taking dow a Commando and capturing a Hunchback.

Ferguson’s Port
Auckland, New Zealand
Earth17 May 2005/3020

First Cearth DFA attack.(using shipping container and crane)

White House Situation Room
Washington DC
United States of America
Earth17th May 2005, 4.03am EST

 Using CNN and keyhole images, mechs are IDed and concluded to be pirates.

Flight line
New Zealand
Earth17 May, 20:03 local (04:03 EST)

a squadron of six Saab JAS-39s launch to attack mechs at Auckland.

Operations, HMNZS Te Kaha
Hauraki Gulf, north-east of Auckland
EarthThat same time

 Moves to support Auckland defence.

 Both units engage the pirates, the fighters going for the mechs, and the HMNZS Te Kaha firing on the dropship.Drakon retreatsfrom attack straffing the HMNZS Te Kaha on its way out severely damaging it.

Small town, Manawatu region
New Zealand
EarthThat same time

 Trace Coburn "invited" to go with government agents to a "secure location for a debriefing".

Dropship Drakon
Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 118 May 3020

 Docks with jumpship "White Elephant".

Palmerston North,
New Zealand,May 20 2005/3020

 Trace Coburn’ trys to organize New Zealand think tank on BT universe.

Dropship Drakon
Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 120 May 3020

 Pirates listen to signals from crazy locals and examine their loot...

Dropship Drakon
Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 123 May 3020

 Jumpship "White Elephant" with dropship Drakon jump out of the system.

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