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The VF Project is the GDI-sponsored research and development drive for practical Land-Air Mechs. It is primarily based in the HINODE Research Complex in Japan's Hakone Region, though international partnerships have laid plans for a more favorable location in Munich.

VF-series Edit

The VF-series forms the backbone of the LAM project, developing designs that while able to outshoot either ASFs or BattleMechs of equivalent, can perform multiple roles without substantially reduced performance. Often allocated to GDI's Marine Corps, the VF-series emphasizes flexibility over direct firepower.

VF-10 Edit

The 40-ton Variable Fighter One-Zero is the first production LAM in GDI's forces. It is based on the Phoenix Hawk chassis, basically a lighter, missile-carrying version of the Star League Phoenix Hawk LAM. With CEarth electronics and missiles, it is capable of holding its own against most Inner Sphere Light ASFs or 'Mechs and provides scouting ability superior to any legged fast recon 'Mech.
It uses the Outworlds Alliance's Nissan 200 Engine and Stinger chassis, and is also the first production mech to use an Endo Steel frame. This can only be produced in zero-gravity, which strongly limits the number of Land-Air Mechs that may be produced. 

VF-11 Edit

The 45-ton Variable Fighter One-One is the VF-1 refit that uses the 240 Fusion Engine. It carries improved weapons and armaments for no drop in maneuverability.

VF-12 Edit

The 45-ton Variable Fighter One-Two is a refit that uses the much more powerful (and similarly expensive) 275 Fusion Engine. It also uses Endo Steel and Ferro Fibrous armor, technology becoming more prevalent as Earth steadily improved its orbital facilities.


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