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WSP-1L Miriya's Wasp LAM

Chassis: Unknown
Power Plant: Unknown 125
Cruising Speed: 53.75
Maximum Speed: 86
Jump Jets: Unknown
   Jump Capacity: 150 meters
Armor: Unknown 
   3 Medium Lasers
   1 Small Laser
Manufacturer: Unknown
   Primary Factory: Unknown
Communications System: Unknown
Targeting and Tracking System: Unknown

WSP-1L Miriya's Wasp LAM

Technology Base: - Inner Sphere - Level 3 (Land-Air Mech)
Equipment                                                Mass
Internal Structure:                                      2.5
Engine:                125                                 4
    Walking MP:         5
    Running MP:         8 
    Jumping MP:         5 
Heat Sinks:            12                                  2
Gyro:                                                      2
Cockpit: - Small                                           2
Armor Factor:          64                                  4

                     Internal          Armor
                    Structure          Value
Head                    3                9
Center Torso            8                9
Center Torso(rear)                       3
R/L Torso               6                6
R/L Torso(rear)                          1
R/L Arm                 4                7
R/L Leg                 6                8

Weapons and Ammo                     Location   Critical  Tonnage
Medium Laser                            LA          1        1
Jump Jet                                LT          1      0.5
Jump Jet                                LL          1      0.5
Jump Jet                                RL          1      0.5
Jump Jet                                RT          1      0.5
Medium Laser                            RA          1        1
Medium Laser                            CT          1        1
Jump Jet                                CT          1      0.5
Small Laser                              H          1      0.5

Turning the Wasp, the failmech of Battletech into something resembling usefulness required fiddling with the gyro to accept it as a 25-tonner while keeping the same 120 engine. The above readout uses a 125; ignored it, it LIES. This means it's slow as far as scout mechs go, only capable of going 80kph. It does carry four tons of armor now, though. The Gerwalk and Fighter Modes are of course capable of greater speeds going from place to place.

With three Medium Lasers and a single rear-facing Small Laser, Miriya can now go raiding with more ferocity and impunity. Tests have proven that it is still far too light for what she needed, and by extension whatever unplanned heavy firefight a fast strike LAM might get pulled into.

The Wasp is set to be abandoned entirely, and will be cut up to provide parts for the new VF-1 LAM. It does not count as Dispossession (hah), though she would prefer a Quadleunn Rao*.

Sunrise can now refit any existing Wasps into LAMs upon order, though. A potential on-order refit variant, in keeping with the source material, would be a Light AC/5 or Large Laser, with the head-mounted Small Laser.

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